A Damn good Collaboration tool

Imagine doing what you do with more outcomes in less time based on what your colleagues think. How good would that be?


BIG PICTURE accelerates your collaboration working with your favorite methods. It's a straightforward visual language of your conversation that everyone can use.

In the same room, on the same page, teams huddle around BIG PICTURE to make business better, more human, natural, more like an organism than an organisation.
Why not enjoy all three?!
"We created BIG PICTURE and the Laws of Engagement™ based on what we could see working in the room for colleagues just like you. We love great conversations!"
Martin Johnson
Creator of BIG PICTURE

Why do people love it?

People love using BIG PICTURE. Here are some of the reasons why ..
Measure 'Good'
Clear goals for your colleagues aligned to the business purpose.
Reduce Misunderstandings
Avoid costly rework. An ROI for colleagues, clarity and growth.
Break Down Silos
The shortest route to sharing knowledge between teams.
Processes in 360°
Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve & Control together. Fast.
Buy In
Unleash the creativity of the whole team to boost growth.
Face up to Challenges
Flip conflict into opportunities with the customer at the centre.

What's in it for me?!

BIG PICTURE is powerful and versatile. We'd like to share some examples of how exactly it helps your fellow explorers do what they do better ..

Nat the Switched-on
Learning Professional

I provide different types of support for several clients so that can be winning new work, training needs analysis, delivering sessions, and landing outcomes. All built on the same foundations!
Pretty much me!

Sam the Driven
Small Business Owner

Now there are others in the business I need to keep all our thinking in one place in an ultra-practical way. Things change so quickly and we like to make stronger connections together.
Yeh, that's like me!

Pat the Tuned-in
People Capability Professional

I cover the whole of knowledge and workforce management so one single tool I can use for new starters, performance and culture work is a huge win! Colleagues love this approach.
I can relate to you!

Nic the Impactful
Business Consultant 

I love asking my clients great questions and them being able to make their own connections using BIG PICTURE. It means we can work more closely together to create opportunties.
That's what I do!

See how BIG PICTURE works ..

How It Works

Powering ..

Several businesses hold a special place in their respective markets with a more engaging and collaborative approach Powered by BIG PICTURE:

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