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Stimulating creativity an antidote to the never-ending meeting. A tactile conversation starter is sure to encourage new perspectives. Loads of fun with a serious side embracing serendipity and facing upto adversity!

Gaming Kit


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I need something unique to me or an enterprise-scale solution that is bespoke to my organisation's needs. It will need multiple products and varying configurations across many parts of the business. 

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Surprise yourself and your colleagues with an antidote to never-ending meetings here’s a dynamic conversation prompter as a tactile sensation. Developing new connections with every individual in the organisation. It’s a lot of fun with a serious side!

How it Works

Roll the two Symbol Dice and think about how YOU understand them in the areas of the organisation they have landed?
What do your colleagues think of what you have described? How is their view compare to yours?
What are you doing collectively about these connections you have made? What will change as a result?
Roll the third Dice and and discuss a related Challenge or Opportunity connected to what has gone before.

What's Included?

The Connection Dice have all 6 BIG PICTURE Symbols.

The Outcome Dice have 3 Challenge and 3 Opportunity Symbols.

All of the listed products above delivered in a tidy ‘Pizza’ Box.

This Gaming Kit will complement all the other BIG Kits.
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