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For face-to-face conversations. Unzip a neat carrying case and lay out your resources to be up and running in seconds for a super first impression. Engaging stickers and tactile Poker Chips also for use in a Workshop.

Meeting Kit

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I need something unique to me or an enterprise-scale solution that is bespoke to my organisation's needs. It will need multiple products and varying configurations across many parts of the business. 

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Need to know stuff

For sit-down chats and meetings with individuals or small groups. Neatly packaged in a zipped carrying case to lay out the table with your resources sat snugly inside. Up and running and engaged in seconds for a super first impression. A real impact resource!

How it Works

Without the need for a grand entrance what you get is the ability to introduce it from the start or as and when the conversation turns to the development of the business and the wonderful people within it! Within minutes your colleague will be spinning it around and wanting to add their own views.

What's Included?

All of the listed products above in a couple of tidy Carry Cases.
This Kit will also come in handy for Workshops when you have several groups to engage with. The resources in this Meeting Kit can then be ‘topped-up’ as and when you require.
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