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For the front of the room, this Kit can be set up in seconds after a single trip from the car! Dish out the Poker Chips over a brew and everyone will want a piece of the action! Lead with road-sign sized BIG PICTURE® Symbols.

Workshop Kit

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I need something unique to me or an enterprise-scale solution that is bespoke to my organisation's needs. It will need multiple products and varying configurations across many parts of the business. 

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Need to know stuff

For the front of the room this one-trip (from the car!) Kit is for those wanting to rock-up, prep the room and spend their time with the providers of coffee! Set up in seconds and dish out the Poker Chip Symbols and everyone will want a piece of the action!

How it Works

This is about making the place feel like home by having accessible, interesting props they will naturally want to interact with. Introducing something new of this quality and size draws in the most disillusioned of employee to want to knock over the chips and start sharing some useful truths. Way better here than moaning around the coffee machine!

What's Included?

All of the listed products above in a couple of tidy carry cases.

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