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Book-sized Pad (A4)
For face-to-face conversations. Keep this close in your day-book or backpack to be up and running in seconds for a super first impression. Engaging stickers and tactile Poker Chips also help for use in your meeting.


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Cheat Sheet
Here is a concise, two-page guide designed to introduce new users to the foundational elements and functionalities of the BIG PICTURE tool. This downloadable PDF is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to familiarise themselves with the BIG PICTURE framework.


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Desk-sized Pad (A2)
The original BIG PICTURE product for face-to-face conversations. For sit-down chats and meetings with individuals or small groups. Lay out the table to be up and running and engaged in seconds for a super first impression. A real impact resource!


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Wall-sized Board (A0)
For the front of the room. When you're on the move this big Board can be set up in seconds after a single trip from the car! For your place of work it can also be attached to the wall.What


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