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Digital Kit
Working remotely? Collaborate in real-time with all the incredible benefits of our hands-on tools in digital format so everyone can join the conversation, remain connected and aligned with the business.

£144.00 / 12 months

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Gaming Kit
Stimulating creativity an antidote to the never-ending meeting. A tactile conversation starter is sure to encourage new perspectives. Loads of fun with a serious side embracing serendipity and facing upto adversity!


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Gaming Kit Refill
Replacing parts you've used in the Gaming Kit.


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Meeting Kit
For face-to-face conversations. Unzip a neat carrying case and lay out your resources to be up and running in seconds for a super first impression. Engaging stickers and tactile Poker Chips also for use in a Workshop.

From £197.00

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Meeting Kit Refill
Replacing parts you've used in the Meeting Kit.

From £0.00

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Starter Kit
You've seen something you like and you want to know more and get your hands on a BIG PICTURE® Kit. Our Sample Kit is where to begin to get a feel for it, play around and have some fun at the entry level!


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Workshop Kit
For the front of the room, this Kit can be set up in seconds after a single trip from the car! Dish out the Poker Chips over a brew and everyone will want a piece of the action! Lead with road-sign sized BIG PICTURE® Symbols.

From £621.00

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Workshop Kit Refill
Replacing parts you've used in the Workshop Kit.


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