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We're a team of passionate consultants, analysts, entrepreneurs, designers, and developers who love to make businesses better. We're not just a company, we're a community who believes that business can be better, and it's that belief that gets us out of bed every day, smiling and excited for the challenges ahead.

We're here to help you grow your business, and we'll do it with integrity and creativity.

Meet our core Team

We're a friendly bunch and we'd love to connect to find out what you do.
Martin Johnson
Creator & Founder
Nicholas Betsy
Tech Chief
Bev Holden
Chief Practitioner
Hywel Griffiths
Chief Partner
Darren Scotland

What matters though is what customers say

  • "You have a real talent for bringing together groups of people with different viewpoints. What struck me about this afternoon was an emerging ‘adult’ approach to business which seems to have been missing in our system for some time .."
    Margaret Williamson
    Boardroom Development Limited
  • "These initial conversations, using our BIG PICTURE Kit, tease out the ideas, connections, 'what if's' and 'how about's'. To keep the momentum and engagement going it's about noticing who in the organisation has got the energy, enthusiasm and excitement to follow-up on the different connections and themes."
    Russell Harvey
    The Resilience Coach
  • "Exceptional workshop this morning. Looking forward to considering how the outcomes can support my experience going forward as I develop my business. Love the style of the BIG PICTURE workshops and totally in the area I am passionate about to bring change to organisations."
    Corrina Murphy
    Transformation & Growth Specialist

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